CBD Vape vs CBD Oil: What You Need to Know

CBD, a compound from the hemp plant, has gained significant popularity over the last few years, due to its ability to provide potential health benefits. Some potential advantages of taking CBD may include relief from inflammation, pain and anxiety. 

You can consume CBD in various forms and the most common way to do so is by vaping CBD or applying CBD oil. While you’ll always be ingesting the same products, the method you use can make a vast difference to the effect they have. 

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the differences between the two and which one will be the best for them. To help you out, we’ve explained the main differences between CBD vape and CBD oils in this article. 

The blog will provide everything you need to know about how to consume CBD and the benefits it can provide you with. It’ll help you make an informed decision when choosing between our high-quality CBD vape e-liquids and oils later. 

Let’s get started! 

What is CBD Oil?

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CBD oil is a liquid that contains cannabidiol/CBD extract and is derived from the hemp plant. The oil is typically extracted by using a solvent like CO2 or ethanol, which creates a highly concentrated oil that you can consume.

The most common method to consume the oil is to take it orally, allowing it to go through the digestive system. Using this method can potentially reduce symptoms of health issues like pain, inflammation, epilepsy and anxiety. 

You can also apply CBD oil topically on your skin for localised relief. This can help reduce inflammation in localised areas, making it an effective solution for issues like muscle soreness. It can also help with acne by reducing redness and inflammation. 

You can find CBD oil in different variations, mainly full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil. However, both of these options feature a highly-concentrated product that contains the beneficial compounds found in hemp plants, like terpenes and other cannabinoids. 

What is CBD Vape?

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CBD vape typically refers to the act of inhaling or vaporising CBD oil by using a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Vaping CBD typically involves the use of CBD vape e-liquids and a heating device. 

The heating device turns the CBD e-liquid into vapour, which you can inhale through your mouth and into your lungs. This allows you to quickly absorb CBD into your bloodstream, providing a quick and effective method to consume CBD. 

Vaping CBD is a great method if you’re looking to experience the potential health benefits of CBD, including reduced anxiety, better sleep and relief from pain. On top of that, people find vaping CBD to be more enjoyable because it provides an immediate and more potent effect. 

However, it should be noted that CBD vape may have some health risks and potential side effects. You’re inhaling substances into your lungs, which can be harmful and cause lung irritation and damage. Due to this, we highly recommend consulting a health professional before vaping CBD, especially if you’re taking any additional medications.

Differences Between CBD Vape and CBD Oil

The main difference between CBD vape vs CBD oil is the way you consume it. CBD is taken orally or applied to your skin, whereas CBD vape is inhaled through a vaporiser or e-cigarette. 

Another crucial difference is the effectiveness and duration of the effects. Vaping CBD provides quick relief and you can feel its effects immediately. On the other hand, orally consumed CBD may take up to an hour to start working but the effects tend to last longer compared to vaping CBD. 

CBD vape and CBD oil also have different potencies. CBD oil is highly concentrated and contains a higher concentration of product than CBD vape. This is because the vape e-liquid is diluted with other ingredients, like vegetable glycerin, to make it easier to inhale. 

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