The top CBD oil and CBD gifts for Christmas 2020

If you’re looking to give a more meaningful and purposeful gift this year, then look no further than CBD. 

Whether you’re buying for friends, family members or a secret Santa, there’s now a variety of CBD gifts in the UK to suit everyone. And with CBD use rising, thanks to reported wellbeing benefits, it really is the perfect gift to show you care. 

To help you start your Christmas shopping on the right foot, here’s a selection of the top CBD gifts and oils for 2020 (skip to the end for a 25% discount code off all Encasa Botanics oils, extracs and vape liquids.)

The CBD Book

For an all-essential guide to CBD oil, there’s no better place to start than The CBD book by Mary Biles. 

This hardback book wades through all the CBD research and science to explain the basics of CBD, the benefits of CBD, and how to add CBD to anyone’s lifestyle. It’s a must-read and a great stocking filler for anyone new to CBD.

£12.99 | Waterstones | Shop now

Premium CBD oil

Any regular CBD user will immediately recognise the difference between a regular full-spectrum CBD oil and a premium CBD oil - making this the ultimate Christmas treat. 

We extract premium CBD oils from only the flower of the hemp plant, making them superior to commercial-grade oils. Encasa Botanics Premium CBD oil is extra special because it’s extracted using food-grade ethanol from Swiss white widow hemp plants, with no preservatives, additives, chemicals or pesticides in sight. 

£29.99 | Encasa Botanics | Buy now

The CBD Cookbook for Beginners

For the budding chef in your life, The CBD Cookbook for Beginners is the best place to start for experimenting with CBD in the kitchen. 

This cookbook has over 100 different recipes involving CBD, from salad dressings and condiments to mains and desserts, allowing someone to incorporate CBD into their daily lifestyle. You never know, you might get a dinner invitation out of it too.

£12.27 | Amazon | Buy now

CBD honey sticks

Speaking of food, CBD edibles are a brilliant gift for new CBD users, especially when they’re as sweet as these honey sticks. 

Encasa CBD honey sticks combine 10mg of high-grade CBD with the sweetest Californian honey, to turn that Christmas day hot chocolate into the ultimate treat. If hot chocolate isn’t their thing, then why not add a couple of cans of festive CBD-infused apple ginger or Cloved Olive Drink to their Christmas stocking. 

£2.85 | Encasa Botanics | Shop now

CBD Christmas crackers

How about something a little different in this year’s Christmas crackers? With a variety of “fill yourself” crackers available, you can add a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil to introduce everyone at the Christmas table to CBD. 

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD, containing 99% CBD concentrate and no other cannabinoids or essential oils. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils from the plant, but no THC. You can learn more about THC vs CBD in our recent blog. 

£4.00 | John Lewis | Buy now

CBD bath bombs

No Christmas stocking is complete without a couple of health and beauty treats - and what better way to spoil someone than with a selection of CBD bath bombs.

CBD bath bombs come with the reported wellbeing benefits of CBD, alongside the natural benefits of essential oils - creating the perfect setting for a relaxing soak.

You can choose from eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, rose, and even frankincense - in a variety of stunning colours, with a range of relaxing benefits. 

£9.99 | Encasa Botanics | Shop now

Yin-yang CBD e-liquid holder

For the CBD vaper in your life, give them something practical with this hand-finished CBD vape liquid holder. The yin-yang design makes it easy for them to switch between normal and CBD vape juice, while giving them somewhere to store their selection. 

For an even better gift, why not fill it with two different flavours of CBD e-liquid to enjoy? 

£5.00 | SawItLovedIt | Shop now

CBD massage oil

Finally, who said you couldn’t have a sneaky present on Christmas eve? If you want to add a touch of romance and calm before the Christmas mayhem kicks in, treat your loved one to a bottle of CBD massage oil for an evening of relaxation, rejuvenation and sound sleep. 

Encasa Botanics CBD massage oil contains a soothing blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender, alongside 1000mg of CBD isolate. 

£34.99 | Encasa Botanics | Buy now

Special offer: Use the code "ChristmasUse" for 25% off all Encasa Botanics oils, extracts and vape CBD liquids. 

We hope this selection of CBD gifts and oils in the UK has given you the inspiration you need this Christmas. 

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