What is premium grade CBD oil?

At Encasa Botanics, we sell three different types of CBD oil in the UK: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and premium grade CBD oil. 

One of the most common questions we’re asked is:

“What is premium grade CBD oil, and how does it differ from standard full-spectrum CBD oil?”

Well, let’s find out in this week’s CBD blog

What is premium grade CBD oil?

Premium grade CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil, which means it contains CBD alongside other compounds from the hemp plant, including CBG, terpenes, chlorophyll and a small amount of THC (under 0.2%).

What makes premium grade CBD oil different from standard grade oils is that it is:

Responsibly farmed

Premium CBD oils come from hemp farmers who aim for exceptional quality over quantity. This means the plants have adequate space to grow and receive the care and attention they need to thrive. 

Premium grade CBD oil also comes from a specific source or farmer. For example, at Encasa Botanics, all of our premium-grade oils come from specific farmers in Switzerland, who we work closely with to ensure the utmost quality. 

From high-grade hemp plants

High-end CBD oils come from high-grade hemp plants, meaning that you know you’re consuming a better quality CBD product. Encasa Botanics premium oil is extracted from A-grade white widow flowers - known for their high levels of CBD. 

Extracted from only the flowers and buds

An essential distinction between premium CBD oil and regular CBD oil is the part of the plant it’s extracted from. Premium CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and buds only, which results in a much higher concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids (around 12% to 13%). This is unlike commercial strain CBD oil that’s extracted from the trim, leaves and stems - resulting in a sub-par product and weaker concentrations. 

Extraction method

The method of extraction is also much better. We extract CBD for our premium oils using ethanol. This is known as one of the safest, most efficient and natural means to derive CBD - the FDA also classify this method as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). 

The flowers are soaked in ethanol to draw out the cannabinoids and other compounds (with minimal damage), which are then suspended in a liquid to prevent oxidation. 


Finally, premium-grade CBD has a slight fruiter, sweeter taste and nicer smell.

Together, these factors create a CBD product of superior quality, that’s overall more enjoyable to consume and benefit from. 

What to look for in a premium grade CBD oil

When buying premium grade CBD oils and products, the following factors are essential:

  • Certification from a reputable, independent lab - for example, Phytovista Laboratories.
  • THC levels of 0.2% or under in the UK. 
  • Organically sourced, with no chemicals or pesticides. 
  • Information on the extraction method and source. 
  • Positive reviews from customers and industry experts, such as CBDSloth

Don’t be afraid to ask your CBD seller what makes their CBD oil “premium”. They should be more than happy discussing the qualities and methods that make their oil of a higher quality to a standard full spectrum oil, and provide you with customer or industry testimonials to confirm quality.

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About Encasa Botanics

Encasa Botanics is a UK CBD seller, known for its premium grade products, including premium full-spectrum CBD oil - positively reviewed by ISMOKE and CBDSloth. 

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