CBD and Migraines - How Does It Help?

If you suffer from the occasional or regular migraine attack, you’ll know it creeps up on you when you least expect it to. It can last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours and it is so much more intense than your typical allergy or stress related headache

The sheer enormity of the pain can make even the most banal and routine tasks impossible to do. Your symptoms are likely to flare even if you try doing something simple like moving around. If you are exposed to light or noise, your pain and discomfort will potentially get worse. 

While textbook painkillers can help alleviate your symptoms, for a while at least, you need to factor in the side effects that these medications may have. This is especially true if your migraine attacks are acute.

This is where CBD or cannabidiol can help relieve your pain. 

CBD and migraine treatment go hand in hand as the several active compounds found in the cannabis plant help to treat and ease certain medical ailments. 

At Encasa Botanics, we are huge advocates of treating various afflictions and conditions naturally. This is why we've compiled our insights on how CBD oil for migraine relief works.

Let’s find out more!

CBD and Migraine - How it Works?

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CBD is known for the way it interacts with our body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. Though the complete and full cognizance of how the mechanism works is yet to be understood, one thing is for certain - these receptors influence and impact our immune system. 

For instance, the compound anandamide which is connected to pain regulation, is prevented from being metabolised, with the consumption of CBD. If you are looking to reduce the feeling of pain in your body, you need to maintain high levels of this compound in your bloodstream to alleviate any discomfort you feel. 

The consumption of CBD is also associated with relieving any inflammation in your body which in turn, lessens pain emulating from responses of your immune system.

Put simply, CBD for migraine treatment is increasingly becoming a go-to option for many who wish to bid this undue discomfort good riddance.

At Encasa, we are committed to helping you with any pain, irritation or soreness you are experiencing through our varied range of CBD products

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Should You Consume CBD for Migraines?

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It is understandable if you feel sceptical about consuming CBD oil for your migraine, but think of it this way - being a natural remedy, it cannot hurt, certainly not as much as the migraine does.

With continuous use of medication and painkillers, there’s always a risk of both short and long term side effects. Add to the mix the severity of the pain experienced by an oncoming migraine attack, these prescribed drugs do very little to help your situation. 

CBD and migraine work because it's a brilliant natural compound, with no association to dependency, no side effects, and has an array of benefits besides pain management. 

Read our blogs to see how CBD helps with a range of afflictions!

How to Use CBD to Treat Migraine

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There are a number of ways you can consume CBD to treat your migraine. Some popular methods to use CBD to alleviate your symptoms are through:

If you are new to CBD oil consumption, we suggest you start with the smallest dosage possible. You can speak with your doctor, later on, to settle on the proper recommended dose

This way, you will allow your system to acclimate to the CBD products you are consuming, as you slowly get used to it and allow it to work its magic. 

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