CBD and Sleep - How CBD Oil Helps Improve Your Sleep Cycle

When it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, your sleep cycle plays a very crucial role!

From making you feel more energised during the day and uplifting your mood to improving your immune system, a proper sleep cycle can completely transform your lifestyle.

However, for many people, getting enough sleep can be a challenge and failing to fix that is likely to result in an increased risk of anxiety, forgetfulness,  depression and other heart issues and neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

Fortunately, at Encasa Botanics, we have an array of premium, broad and full spectrum CBD oils to prevent insomnia and improve your overall sleep quality.

CBD Oil for Sleep - Dealing With Erratic Sleeping Patterns

CBD Oil; Sleeping Women

Over the past few years, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) oil has come to light as a significantly popular treatment for people dealing with insomnia and other sleeping issues.

While studies are still in their initial stages, there are certain signs that promise CBD is an effective way to improve and enhance your sleep quality.

That said, in today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on the potential benefits CBD oil has to offer and how it can help improve your sleep. We have also explained how, and when to take CBD oil if you’re unable to stay asleep, fall asleep or sleep deeply.

Before that, let’s take a look at the reasons that cause sleeping problems like insomnia.

Common Reasons That Cause Insomnia

CBD Oil; A women suffering from sleep insomnia

A sleeping disorder, insomnia can affect a vast number of people and have serious effects resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness and other widespread health problems like diabetes.

Some of the common reasons that cause insomnia include:

  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Stress
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety
  • Neurological problems, and more.

However, not all insomnia is the same; different people experience this condition in different ways and the causes for the same could also vary.

Does CBD Oil Help Improve Your Sleep?

Based on the preliminary research, it has been found that CBD oil for sleep could be a natural and effective way to treat people suffering from insomnia - thanks to the way it works alongside your body's endocannabinoid system.

Since it’s known to promote refreshing REM sleep to lower your excessive daytime sleepiness, CBD for insomnia has proven to be a popular yet helpful treatment. This is especially the case in people having neurological problems like Parkinson’s disease.

At Encasa, the CBD oils we offer are not only sourced from the world’s best growers but also tested at extremely high standards. This means, all our products are an excellent way to treat your sleeping problems.

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How and When to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

A sleeping women

Available in a variety of forms, CBD is quite easy to use before bed to ensure you experience a good night’s sleep. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind provided you’re using it for the first time.

First things first, everyone doesn’t have the same amount of tolerance. This means, while a moderate dose of CBD could be mild enough for you, for someone else it can be significantly higher.

Secondly, CBD is available in different forms, which means it’s essential to make sure you’re purchasing the right product for yourself.

Give this blog a read to understand the effects of CBD oil.

Using CBD for Insomnia

CBD Oil on a table

When it comes to using CBD to improve your sleep, the process is quite simple. 

Here we’ve explained the basics to be followed for the different types of CBD oils from vape e-liquids and edibles to extracts and isolates.

CBD Vape E-Liquids

An effective way of consuming CBD, vape e-liquids are designed to be used with a vaporise which allows the oil’s vapour to directly enter the bloodstream.

That said, if you prefer to consume vape e-liquids, do so five to 10 minutes before you go to sleep. You also need to ensure that you’re starting with lower dosage, especially if you’re taking it for the first time.

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CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are consumed the same way you would a capsule-based supplement. However, unlike vape e-liquids, these need to first go through your liver and digestive system, and only then it reaches your bloodstream.

This means, it’s better to take CBD capsules an hour before you go to sleep.

CBD Edibles

A great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, CBD edibles are available in different forms - from CBD gummies to honey sticks. The best way to consume these would be to dip them in your hot drink or add in your favourite food.

Improve Your Sleep Cycle With Encasa Botanics

While it isn’t possible to quickly improve and enhance your sleep pattern, there are still ways that you could consider and one such option is our CBD oils.

So why not visit our website and place your order today?

Alternatively, you could also drop us an email at info@encasabotanics.co.uk for professional help!

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