5 Ways to Recover From Exercise


If you wish to achieve your fitness and workout goals in a sustainable way, you need to know how to recover from your exercise routine. Rest and recovery are a crucial aspect of your exercise session. What you do post-workout has a great impact on your overall performance and fitness goals. 
If you wish to train effectively while seeing the results of your hard work in real time, you need to have a proper recovery plan. If you suffer from post-workout afflictions, you need to consult a specialist about the intensity of the pain you are experiencing. 
In most cases, methods to relax and calm your muscles are recommended to heal the inflammation. For this therapeutic methods like steamed sauna or relaxing body massages are a popular go-to remedy. 
Additionally, consumption of CBD oil is coming across as a one of the prominent remedies to recover from exercise routines! We’ll shed more light on that later. 
First, let’s take a look at how you can induce muscle recovery post workout!
  • 1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

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    Water is the be all and end all of your core metabolic functions and helps carry nutrients while enhancing your overall bodily functions. When you workout, you lose a lot of fluid which you need to replace by keeping yourself properly hydrated. This will help give your muscle recovery a much-needed boost. This is especially true if you are training to be an endurance athlete
  • 2. Eat Foods with High Omega 3 Content

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    Omega 3 fatty acids not only offer the necessary support that provides structure to the human body but it also improves the normal functioning of our immune system. To top it off, it has immune-modulating properties and is also anti-inflammatory, meaning it's ideal to consume post workout sessions. 
    Include more seeds, kidney beans, nuts, seaweed and soybeans in your diet to help your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to remain hale hearty. It's important to build a healthy eating pattern to cope up with your body’s needs in a way that complements your exercise routine. 
  • 3. Consume CBD Oil

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    CBD oil has emerged as a naturally available product perfectly suited to help with post-exercise recovery. At Encasa Botanics, we have an assortment of best cbd oil and e liquids that can help speed up muscle recovery from exercise-induced inflammation. 
    Coupled with other scientifically proven methods of dealing with workout inflammation and afflictions like body stretches, massages and other low-impact exercises, including cannabis oil in your routine is recommended for a speedy recovery. 
    CBD is known to ease sore muscles and body aches caused by exercise sessions. With CBD included in the mix, you’ll notice that you replenish your energy levels at a faster rate and there’s comparatively less lingering pain in your body. 
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  • 4. Stay Away from Refined Sugar

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    Refined sugar is known to activate the pro-inflammatory molecules in your body meaning, continued consumption will eventually lead to chronic body aches and pains. Do give into your sweet cravings every now and then, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Better yet, resort to natural or sugar-free sweeteners to keep your sugar levels in check. 
    While refined sugar is the easiest option to stock up on glycogen, switch to alternatives like fruit or dark chocolate. These food items will not disrupt your fitness goals while also giving you the satisfaction of pacifying your sweet tooth. 
  • 5. Take a Nice and Warm Shower

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    While cold showers are the norm after a workout routine, don’t underestimate the importance of a warm and soothing shower. It’ll help your tense muscles loosen up and provide comfort from inflammation. 
    You can also take a relaxing hot water bath where you completely immerse yourself in warm water. It may be slightly discomforting but it goes a long way in elevating your pain and tense muscles. 
    Cold showers have regenerative properties so it’d be a good idea to alternate between hot and cold showers for speedy pain relief. You will also benefit from detoxification and improved blood circulation, so that’s a plus.
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    Now that you know how you can recover from your workout routine, you can start mixing it up to see what works for you the best. Be sure to make CB oil consumption a part of your post-exercise recovery routine for the extra nudge to recover faster. 
    If you are new to CBD oil, figure out how you’d like to consume it; in the form of supplements, tincture or vape. Consult experts to figure out the right amount of dosage for yourself
    When you are on a journey to attain a fit body, pain, exhaustion and discomfort come attached to the process. With CBD, you can ease these issues before they become a full-fledged problem while concentrating on your fitness goals. 
    At Encasa Botanics our range of CBD products not only help with improving your immune system, but also with the mental setup required to JUST DO IT!
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