4 Tips To Manage PTSD Anxiety and Stress at Home

To manage a troubling health condition, you need to tackle its symptoms. PTSD comes with serious anxiety and stress, and this can be very challenging. 

When a person is in distress, daily tasks start becoming impossible to perform. These symptoms can affect your mental being in many ways including sleeplessness, an unfocused mind and a negative outlook altogether. 

Therefore, these repercussions need to be dealt with immediately. To manage PTSD stress and anxiety, there are certain remedies that you can try at home for a kickstart. Begin by using our premium CBD oil; an appropriate amount can help your well being in unimaginable ways. 

At Encasa Botanics, we test our products to the strictest standards for your safety and ensure you get the best results. 

Having said that, apart from CBD oils, there are more ways to tackle PTSD problems at home. Let’s take a look at some of them in today's blog.

1. Breathing Exercises 

 Manage PTSD Anxiety and Stress; A person engaging in breathing exercises with palms joined.

The anxiety caused by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can occur due to intense flashbacks. A traumatic experience tends to leave wounds of the past that continue to haunt your daily life. 

When this happens, your mental health starts taking a toll on your overall well being. Strong anxiety and stress can overshadow everything else in your life.

If this sounds familiar, you may also know that a panicky state forces your normal flow of breathing to fluctuate. 

This is when breathing exercises could help. With mere focusing on your disturbed breathing patterns, you can get your normal self back and calm yourself down. In no time, your body will signal to your mind that it needs to relax.

2. Focus on Today 

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As mentioned before, flashbacks are the major source of discomfort. To manage PTSD anxiety and stress, you need to recognise this and try your best to live in the present. 

A simple and popular trick to do at home is to use an object that reminds you of today. In simple terms, many people find it useful to touch or look at a particular object during their flashback episodes. 

It could be anything, from a ring, rock, shells or even a piece of clothing; these objects can help you to focus on the present and help calm the panic brewing within you. 

3. Self-Talk 

A woman looking at her reflection in the mirror.

If your distress hasn’t come to a point where you need to talk to a professional about it (we highly encourage you do), you should try and talk to yourself. 

Whilst reliving the past trauma, you might feel unsafe for the simple reason that the flashbacks are making your mind feel like you're going through the trauma all over again. In this situation, it can help to keep reminding yourself that the trauma is over and that you are safe now. 

Since this task is not as easy as it sounds, you can, alternatively, try writing down motivational words or even record some useful phrases that you can repeat in times of stress to help you feel better. 

4. A Healthy Routine 

Manage PTSD Anxiety and Stress; A woman waking up fresh in a naturally lit room.

PTSD is a reminder from your body that you need to take care of yourself.  Implementing daily exercise, having a scheduled sleeping pattern and healthy eating habits can help immensely. 

Sure, balancing these habits for consistency is an effort in itself but trying different approaches before landing on one that works the best for you is common. You can also try using various quality CBD products in your routine. 

The benefits are endless, and you can read online reviews to hear how it has helped others recovering from PTSD. 

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